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What does the term private label supplements mean?

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What does the term private label supplements mean?

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what are private label supplements

what are private label supplements

What does the term private label supplements mean?

Well let’s break the term “private label supplements” into 2 parts to make this easier to explain.

What is a supplement?

The term is applied to products that range from isolated nutrients, dietary supplements and herbal products, specific diets, genetically modified food, and processed foods such as cereals, soups, and beverages.

In the US, the term has no meaning in the law, and “supplement” products are regulated as drugs, dietary supplements, food ingredients, or food. The term is defined in Canadian law as referring to “a product isolated or purified from foods that is generally sold in medicinal forms not usually associated with food. A nutraceutical is demonstrated to have a physiological benefit or provide protection against chronic disease.”

What is a “private label”

pri•vate la•bel
adjective: private label
1. designating a product manufactured or packaged for sale under the name of the retailer rather than that of the manufacturer.
“private label cheeses”
noun: private label; plural noun: private labels
1. a retailer’s name, as used on a product sold by the retailer but manufactured by another company.
“the yogurt is sold under their private label”

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